Flameless Options

Sun Shine! and Unicorns: Wax Melts 

Sun Shine! and Unicorns: Wax Melts are created by hand and poured, individually, with high quality scented oils. This helps ensure that our wax melts meet our standards. 

*Scent longevity depends on fragrant and lamp wattage. Wax Warmer not included. 


Shine! Aroma Beads
These beauties are perfect for shared spaces, where much stronger scents aren't allowed or preferred.
These are, also, great for families with small children (fur babies, included), that do not like an open flame.

Shine! Aroma Beads are versatile, as you can use them to enhance crafting projects, melt them down to create your own hanging car scents, or as a beautiful alternative to potpourri. (Read Warning Labels 😁 and create at your own risk).

For best use, place beads near an area with good air flow, (i.e. in front of a window, air vent, etc.)

 (Kiwi Strawberry Shine! Aroma Beads Pictures Below)


Shine! Creations Sachets are small, light, and perfect for smaller spaces; like your car, drawers, and closet space.