Erica Mitchell

Hello Erica! 

Through you Shine! Creations Consultant store, you can build your inventory or have candles on hand for your customers to sample; at, up to 50% off of regular retail prices! 

Remember, your Market Place is for you, as long as you are an active consultant*

Products purchased from your Consultant Market Place are not commissionable.

My Consultant Market Place 

Consultant Guide 

Consultant Contract  

(Your signed copy will be scanned in, for record) 

When a customer places an order through the main Shine! Creations website, Head Office will process the payment and then ship the product directly to the customer, automatically. There is no work on your part and you will earn commission of your sells, to which you do not have to "work up" to.  See our Compensation Plan (on a monthly bases) below.


Personal Sales Volume ($)

Commission Percentages (%)

$0 thru $3,999


$4000 +


Sponsor Commission

Additional 3% of Team Orders***


The above includes Retail purchases (excluding Shipping and Handling and Sales Tax, where applicable). Commission payments owed to you for website will be issued on the 5th of each month. If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend, it will be issued the following business day.

*** 'Team' consists of a direct person that you bring into the business. Anyone that they bring in will be part of their ‘team’. (This is not a “pyramid”…). Overall team sales for the month, will be commissioned at 3% to the 'Team Sponsor'***


Printables and Tips for Success, Coming Soon!